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HelpGuru theme is the Knowledge Base theme for WordPress. It is perfect for providing customers with answers to common queries, or as general database of resources for visitors.

This theme has been designed and developed by HeroThemes, the premier WordPress knowledge base specialists, our themes and tools are trusted by thousands of users worldwide, all backed by our own support platform.

HelpGuru is a knowledge base theme for WordPress suitable for knowledge bases and wikis. It comes packed with the following features:

  • Separate knowledge base article posts,
  • Article attachments,
  • Article view count metrics,
  • Custom categories,
  • Custom tags,
  • Custom slugs and urls,
  • Custom knowledge base sidebar
  • WPML multilingual and multi language compatible,
  • Special knowledge base widgets,
  • Voting support with optional plugin,
  • User access support with optional plugin

It’s simple to get started and even includes demo content like this!

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